Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is the third most popularly produced synthetic plastic polymer. It comes in 2 basic forms: rigid, and flexible.

The first kind, that is rigid, is used in construction of pipes and in applications such as for doors and windows. It is also used in plumbing, electrical insulation, signage, and other uses where it replaces rubber.

PVC is generally a white, brittle solid and is insoluble in alcohol.

Did you know about PVC Pipes?

The first PVC pipes were manufactured (Germany). PVC was accidentally discovered in 1872 by German chemist Eugen Baumann. National Pipe and Plastics has been producing pvc pipes for commercial, municipal, agricultural, residential and export markets since 1970.

PVC’s relatively low cost, biological and chemical resistance, and easy workability has lead to its widespread usage. It is mostly used to make pipes that have various applications.

More than half the production of polyvinyl chloride resin is used for the manufacture of pipes for industrial or municipal applications. It accounts for about 66% of the water market and in sanitary sewer pipe applications. It is lightweight, low cost, and low maintenance, making it one of the most popular fittings.

Its fitting must be done methodically and carefully to ensure that cracking and overbelling does not occur.

It is also surprising to know that PVC is used in cars to reduce weight, thereby cutting fuel consumption and making vehicles much more safer and more comfortable.

It is also made into blood bags and plasma bags to ensure the safe and hygienic storage of blood products.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC was discovered during experiments to bind rubber to meral!

Did you also know, the weapon bearing a name borrowed from the bazooka, also known as potato guns or potato cannons and spud guns – are homemade guns firing potatoes are made from PVC Pipes!. They are also known as spudzooka. There is even a smaller version called the marshmallow mazooka that fires marshmallows! Boy, isn’t that fun!

A nuclear engineer out of a PVC Pipe and a coke bottle invented the Super Soaker! Lonnie Johnson first shared his idea with Lamari by firing it inside their Philadelphia offices. He then met with Hasbro, and the rest is history!

In 2004, there was over 91,000 miles of water distribution piping in the United States with a pipe that was made of PVC!!

And by 2005, PVC became the largest volume plastic pipe material in the Americas with annual sales of over 6.8 billion.

Related : Global PVC Market is expected to reach USD 79.11 billion by 2020

PVC pipes aren’t just for waterways because there are a crazy number of DIY crafts you can make with PVC pipes. Some of the PVC DIY projects include a PVC Pipe sunburst mirror, picture frames, wine storage, toothbrush holders, children’s play forts, marshmallow gun, and bath toys for kids, and soccer goals.

There are many PVC pipe exporters in and outside India from where you can purchase. If it’s for industrial use, we suggest reaching out to well-known manufacturers and exporters. If it’s a home project that you need PVC pipes for, any bath and fittings store or hardware store will have PVC pipes for your requirements. They can be bought in different sizes, and you can paint on them to make them look better.

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