Submersible Well Pump Pipe are generally prepared from quality PVC material for safe portable water. These pipes are available with innovative locking arrangement to take care of torsion forces against joints. They are also light in weight that can be handled or transported easily. These pipes can be assembled or disassembled quickly whenever required. Due to sturdy construction and design, they are pretty much suitable to work even in harsh environmental conditions.

Do’s For Column Pipes India

  • There is one Pipe Selection chart that helps you in deciding on the right type of column pipe.
  • In case, pipes don’t have discharge port at the well head then it should be installed at well head between connector and system.
  • There should be double split clamps to hold column pipes at the well head.
  • There should be used soap solution to lubricate the rubber rings at the end of pipe.
  • This would be great if pipes are always installed under shape in Ventilated Space.
  • When column pipe is installed at desired location then make sure that rubber rings are fixed at the proper place.
  • Along with column pipes, standard fittings should be used as given by the Company.

Don’ts For Column Pipes India

  • Grease or lubricants should not be used other than recommended place.
  • There should not be scratches at the pipes otherwise it may leak at the joints.
  • Always follow factory assembling for connecting pipes and system.
  • You should never use special tools to lock or unlock the pipe.

According to expert Manufacturers Or Suppliers Of Column Pipes India, they can be tested immediately and assure long shelf life in the long run. As they are prepared from PVC material, column pipe is highly corrosion or chemical resistant. The installation costs for these pipes are affordable and no extra tools are required for the same. The low friction loss results into more efficiency and energy savings. The inner walls of pipes are also smooth and they are always prepared as per international quality guidelines and standard only.