There are several things which are needed in manufacturing. Apart from complex engineering part, pipes and joints act as a vital item in manufacturing of machinery. Pipe fittings are of several types. They can simple straight pipes and can also be joint pipes like the elbow pipe joints etc. They can be of various metals depending upon the need. In case of machinery which require temperature resistance, copper and brass pipes are more appropriate. However now a days they are greatly being replaced with CPVC Pipe fittings.

CPVC pipe and fittings
There are several advantages of C PVC pipe fittings
  • ighter in weight-The biggest advantage of using a CPVC pipe fitting is that they are lighter in weight as compared to the metal pipes. In case of a smaller manufacturing components which require smaller parts, lighter and less complex pipe fittings is more appropriate to use. Metal can be difficult to procure and is mush difficult to transport when compared to CPVC pipe fittings

  • Cheaper –There are variety of metals which are used in pipe fittings. Brass, iron, steel are a few to name, but the problem with them is that they are quite expensive as compared to CPVC pipe fittings. Some of the alloys such as steel and brass can be quite handy and may also have a longer life but for that you would have to pay a higher price.

  • Easy to use and mould-Due to the nature of metal, it may be quite difficult to mould it according to your requirement. Hence it may involve an extra cost in order to cut them into perfection, in case of CPVC pipe fitting, since they are lighter and less dense therefore it is easier to use them and cut them, as and when required.

  • Longer life-CPVC pipes are made out of heavy duty plastic which has both tensely as well as robustness; therefore it provides the much needed strength. Other than strength it also benefits from a fact they it does not corrode unlike any other metal. It is best to use CPVC pipe fittings in case of liquid and aqueous transportation. It is also easier to maintain and clean CPVC pipe fittings as it does not react with any other chemical.

  • Recycled-Best thing about CPVC pipe fitting is that it can be easily recycled once it use has been replenished. It can be moulded and can be formulated into anything else once its use has used to its full age.

Because of all the above benefits more and more industries are making use of CPVC pipe fittings manufacturers in their manufacturing process. They not only act as an asset for life but also are easy to maintain. They also look more contemporary and classy and provide a modern feel to the entire manufacturing process. There are many CPVC pipe fitting manufacturer in India who cater to the demand of several industries. Keeping in mind the popularity of PVC pipe fittings there are now more and more pipe fitting exporter in India who are exporting it to the rest of the world.