The usage of UPVC pipe fittings in India is increasing by leaps and bounds for home or commercial projects since the time of its inception. They have plenty of advantages over traditional pipes like they are light in weight, low maintenance costs, easy installation, highly affordable, and many more. This is the reason we have replaced traditional pipes with quality UPVC pipe fittings in India.

The next biggest advantage of UPVC pipes is that they are eco friendly in nature and thus don’t harm our surroundings. Here is some important categories of UPVC pipes India that should know about –

UPVC pipe and fittings
  • PVC pipes – PVC pipes are one of the most familiar names when it comes to choices. They are generally required for cold water applications. In case of hot water applications, you should look at other option. PVC pipes are widely popular in market for agricultural purposes.

    The biggest advantage of PVC pipes over traditional pipes is that they are highly corrosion resistant and even suitable to work with extreme weather conditions. But continuous exposure to heat or rain may make them dull or short lives. The same is true for the pipes that are used for your residential purpose. Further, they can be used for heavy pressure and don’t give up in middle of process.

  • UPVC pipes India – They are very much similar to PVC pipes but with one difference that they can be used for high temperature app too. They don’t melt down like normal plastic pipes and freely used with different industry projects like laboratories, heaters or solar projects etc.

  • SWR pipes - These pipes are larger in diameter and widely utilized for draining facilities. From industrial wastes or rain water, they are good to drain almost everything. They are highly durable and easily available in market.

UPVC pipes and fittings exporters can be availed at industry leading prices and they are highly durable too.